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Keotrack 2024 Model 4G GPS Tracker Asset Tracker

Keotrack 2024 Model 4G GPS Tracker Asset Tracker

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4G Global Coverage for Vehicles, Car, Kids, Elderly, Child, Dogs, Cats & Motorcycles. Magnetic Small Portable Tracki ng Tracking Device.

Global coverage of more than 190 countries, track anything that moves, know where your assets are, and get peace of mind knowing you can recover them if they got stolen.

✔ Locate your children, pets, or elderly at any given time
✔ Track your vehicles, motorcycles, valuables
✔ Follow up and trace lost luggage from unlimited distance
✔ Alerts: SOS, speed, moving, fence crossing

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      • Specifications

        ✔ Smallest & lightest - 40x45x15mm - 30g (1.5x1.77x0.59in - 1oz)
        ✔ Worldwide coverage - up to 190 countries
        ✔ Accurate GPS tracking, under 5 meter accurate
        ✔ Unlimited Alerts: SOS, Speed, geofences and lifetime history

      • Battery Life

        ✔ 30 day battery life in power saving mode
        ✔ 180 day battery life in power saving mode with extra battery
        ✔ 7+ days battery life with live tracking
        ✔ 3-months battery life tracking once a day

      • What’s included

        ✔ Belt clip ✔ Magnet
        ✔ Lanyard ✔ Keychain

      • Warranty

        ✔ Full lifetime warranty:
        Free replacement of all lost or damaged products purchased with a warranty.


      GPS tracker with live tracking and no limitations. Suitable for tracking vehicles, personal cars, commercial trucks, kids, pets such as dogs and cats, elderly family members, motorcycles, boats, machinery, tools, company fleets, and other valuable items. Monthly fee including Global coverage with international SIM card and data plan is required for only $14.95/month, no lock-in contracts.

      Small Form, Mighty Performance - Keotrack is super small (40x45x15mm or 1.5x1.77x0.59in) and super light (30g or 1oz). Comes with embedded built in SIM card included and works worldwide. Included attachments: Strong magnet, Dog collar/Belt clip, Key-chain, lanyard.

      Long Battery Life - Rechargeable battery life is ~7 days (the more it moves the lesser the days) tracking real time every 1-5 minutes. If real time tracking is not needed, battery lasts 30+ days tracking once per day (using power-saving mode).

      Lifetime Warranty- Lifetime warranty including lost or damaged devices. Keotrack is cutting-edge & easy to set up working out-of-the-box within a few minutes. Keotrack comes included with highly rated smart phone Apps

      Advanced GPS Tracing Features

      Keotrack GPS tracker works with the powerful tracking platform usually reserved for commercial tracking applications, but with partnership with Linxio, we have this available for all Keotrack users. Features include live tracking, history reporting, live alerts for entering/exiting zones, speeding, SOS, etc. With comprehensive trip reporting and many more features.

      Future Proof 4G / 5G Technology - Global 4G CAT-M Network (5G Ready) GPS Tracker with International SIM Card Included, there is nothing else needed from your end, the device comes delivered to you ready to go, just login and activate the account and get tracking within minutes of receiving delivery.

      Versatile GPS Tracking Mounting - Mount it wherever you want, if it moves, Keotrack can track it, use the lanyard and track personnel on job sites, use it as a belt clip and track elderly loved ones, use the magnet and mount it onto your motorbike to keep it safe, going on a trip? Throw it in your luggage or put it with your passport. There is no limits to what you can track with Keotrack

      Real GPS Tracker (Not like Airtag, tile, TrackR)

      Works with GPS satellites not Bluetooth like those other cheaper (no monthly fee) devices - Keotrack works for unlimited distance and has 100% worldwide coverage.

      Don't be confused/fooled by Bluetooth trackers like Apple Airtag, Tile & TrackR who falsely claim to use GPS tracking. They only use Bluetooth, are only good to find your keys at home, and will work for 50 feet only.

      Global Coverage - Covered by a global lifetime warranty program, if it stops working for whatever reason, we will replace the device free of charge while you are on an active subscription plan, simply lodge the warranty claim online, post it back to us, we will send you out a brand new device (conditions apply)

      Complete overview - Get a complete overview of your car’s location in real-time, historic data, drivers, vehicle health and much more with our GPS trackers.

      Keep your assets secure 24/7

      Compact & Powerful

      The Keotrack GPS tracker comes in a small distinctive size that slips right into the pocket. Just plug it in and start tracking

      Reliable & Safe

      We are backed by years of data and service in the telematics industry. Our data models help keep your service error-free and secure

      Local Aussie Support

      All our support and service team are Australia- based which helps us serve you better and quicker in case of a problem

      Extended Battery Life

      Our GPS trackers come with a super-long battery life for added functionality and better hardware functionality

      All Weather Guard

      Our GPS trackers are tested vigorously under extreme weather conditions so that you get the best of what we have to offer

      Extended 4G+ Coverage

      Our GPS hardware connects to a wider band of 4G network specturum, in turn giving you Australia-wide superior coverage


      Track your vehicles

      Keep tabs on your vehicles with KEOTRACK's real-time GPS tracking capabilities, ideal for personal cars, commercial trucks, and entire fleets. Enhance asset security and have extended visibilty for complete peace of mind with active notifications and alerts right on your handheld smartphone or a desktop computer.


      Active pet tracker

      With its lightweight and small design, KEOTRACK's GPS tracker can easily be attached to your pet's collar, ensuring peace of mind knowing you can always locate your furry friends. The GPS tracking feature is simple and instant using the mobile app so that you know of your pet's location in real-time, round the clock.


      GPS tracker for kids

      Ensure your children's safety with KEOTRACK, as our GPS tracker's real-time location updates and geofencing alerts provide you with an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Have absolute assurance as a parent with active notifications through our smartphone app, both for android and apple smart devices.

      Enter the Keo life

      Our GPS trackers are designed keeping your everyday in life. We track everything, be it your car, your pets or your family. We understand that the safety of your assets and loved ones is paramount and we strive to uphold that spirit always. All our hardware comes with your very own Aussie guarantee and we our local support team offers help round the clock, 24/7.

      Simply activate the GPS tracker, plug it in or strap it on and live the Keo life uninterrupted, all across Australia.

      We are Keotrack, proudly Australian since 2013 and your trusted partner in all things tracking!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How user-friendly is the KEOTRACK system?

      KEOTRACK is incredibly user-friendly, designed to work right out-of-the-box. With intuitive smartphone apps compatible with Android, iOS, and all internet browsers, you can start tracking within minutes of activating your account.

      Is there a contract for the monthly fee?

      No, there are no lock-in contracts. Our $14.95 monthly fee is flexible, allowing you to opt in or out according to your needs.

      How reliable is the GPS tracking technology?

      Our GPS trackers utilise advanced GPS technology for accurate and reliable real-time tracking. Unlike Bluetooth trackers, our GPS system provides global coverage with no distance limitations.

      Are there any hidden fees?

      No, our $14.95 monthly fee covers everything you need: the international SIM card, global data plan, and unlimited access to our tracking platform. There are no hidden charges or additional costs.

      Can I track multiple items or people?

      Absolutely, our system allows you to monitor multiple KEOTRACK devices from a single account, making it an ideal solution for both personal and business needs.

      Is my data secure?

      We take data security very seriously. All data is encrypted and our tracking platform has robust security measures to protect your information.

      How easy is it to set up geofencing and receive alerts?

      Setting up geofencing is simple through our user-friendly interface. You can set custom zones and receive instant alerts for activities like entering/exiting these areas, speeding, and even SOS situations.

      What happens if my KEOTRACK device gets lost or damaged?

      We offer a global lifetime warranty program that covers even lost or damaged devices as long as you're on an active subscription plan.

      Can KEOTRACK be used worldwide?

      Yes, KEOTRACK comes with an international SIM card and a global data plan that ensures 100% worldwide coverage.

      What kind of customer support does KEOTRACK offer?

      We provide local support to assist you with any queries or issues you may have, ensuring you get the most out of your KEOTRACK experience.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Got 5 of them, very good!

      They are easy to install, got 5 of them in my work utes.


      Just plugged it in and started using it. Awesome.

      Moderately priced

      It's easy on the pocket and does so much. Can't go wrong with this one.

      Love the app

      The mobile app is quite easy to undertand. Makes life so much easier.

      Like a dog

      The tracker always keeps sending me updates. It's my very own guard dog. Haha