GPS Trackers For Cars With Real-Time Active Tracking​

We at Keotrack are backed by expertise that has been acquired through years of vetted knowledge in vehicular telematics. Just connect your car to the cloud with our GPS ready car trackers that offer live tracking, lifetime history along with custom alerts and notifications. Doesn’t matter whether you use your vehicle for personal or business use, we are your car’s mate, for life.

Real-Time Tracking

The GPS tracking device records and uploads its location in real-time using the 4G LTE network.

Trip History

History of your vehicle’s activities, view and report on complete events like trips, stops and speeding.

Vehicle Alerts

Schedule regular maintenance reminders and be notified directly to your phone with automated alerts.

Fuel Usage

Track how much fuel is being consumed per trip based on the car and your driving styles.


Pulse GPS Tracker 4G/5G

Future-proof GPS tracking device with real-time location updates for complete peace of mind through active alerts.




Track live location of all your vehicles in real-time

Get to know different driving styles & behaviour

Get detailed reports on your trips with historic data



GPS Tracking Software

Powered by Linxio, the GPS tracking software updates vehicle location in real-time through the smartphone app.


Simple & Quick Setup

OBD2 LTE GPS trackers

The GPS tracking device comes with a subscription to the Linxio tracking plan which includes a Telstra Australia sim card, data plan, and software/app licence.

4G/5G ready network

We use advanced future-ready networks for better connectivity and pinpoint accuracy through dynamic and extended coverage across Australia.

Simple setup & activation

Our GPS trackers are easy to install and setup through plug & play interface and smartphone app integration.

Instant vehicle alerts

Get alerts for events like speeding, harsh braking, or entering or leaving preset zones. Our GPS trackers also come with enhanced onboard security system.

Accurate route history

All trips are recorded in detail, with lifetime history on trips and stops, able to be exported and reported.

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The Linxio smartphone app lets you gain complete control, with all the features, accessible right in the palm of your hand. Simply download the app from App store if you are on iOS or from Google Play if you are on android and you are all set.

Live updates

Get real-time updates about your favourite route, driver identifications, speeding alerts, vehicle health stats, geo zones and set boundaries and much more.

Complete overview

Get a complete overview of your car’s location in real-time, historic data, drivers, vehicle health and much more with our GPS trackers.

Easy interface

Our app is user-friendly and lets you do more with a simple click. It be accessed from anywhere on the globe and helps you monitor your car remotely.


Case studies

Dynamically boosted B2C users after installation and activation of the software platform.


Client Testimonials

Read our customer journeys and success stories that make Keotrack a highly recommended platform across Australia.

Great product, great service all at a great price! Would recommend Keotrack to anyone looking for quality GPS tracking for their fleet especially if you’re from the industry.

Patrick Smith

Fleet manager

The GPS based tracker that I bought from Keotrack is a plug and play device. Real easy to install and simple to set up. The app is real accurate and fast to use.

Susan Jeffrey

Content lead

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We pride ourselves in being early adopters of vehicular telematics solution implementors.

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Our customer base has grown exponentially over the years based on the quality of service.

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