GPS Tracking For Pets

GPS Tracking For Vehicles Made Easy

Your car tracker needn’t be a mere GPS tracking device. It should track your vehicle 24/7, record daily routes, activate geofences automatically, prevent theft through remote immobilisation, secure your loved ones by updating their vehicle’s location in real-time and help you save more with fuel usage tracking & fuel card integration. Switch to Keotrack today.


Most sought after features that keep your vehicle safe and secure at all times

Live GPS Tracking

Keotrack records and uploads live location in real-time using the 4G/5G network. Our tracking software knows exactly where your vehicle is, and where it is headed, in real-time.

Route History

Lifetime history of your vehicle's activities, view and report on complete trip history including stops and speeding alerts. All data can be viewed and analysed on desktop or a smartphone.

Vehicle Health Alerts

Schedule regular maintenance checks and be notified direcltly on your phone or get alerts about your vehicle's health such as low battery, idling times, temperature ranges and more.

Theft Protection

Have complete peace of mind with the anti-theft features that help you trigger alerts everytime a car is moved outside the pinned geofence. Also, have the ability to remote immobiliser vehicle in case of theft.

Worldwide Coverage

Know where your vehicle is at all times across the globe whether you are home or away on a vacation anywhere in the world through out smartphone application for complete peace of mind.

Long Battery Life

With a standard battery that lasts up to 7 days on real-time tracking, 30 days in stand by mode and an optional accessory to extend that to up to 12 months, you are always covered 24/7.

Live Vehicle Location

Smartphone app that lets you gain complete access and control with all the features, fully accessible.

Journey Trails

Monitor drivers and avoid inefficient routes. Prevent time consuming detours and get turn-by-turn replays.

Alerts & Notifications

Get real-time alerts about your car's health on your smartphone to stay updated, 24/7


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They are easy to install, got 5 of them in my work utes. Can't say enough about them. Makes things easy and fuss -free. Cheers...
Just plugged it in and started using it. Awesome. Real easy to work with. Can't rate highly enough. Thank you for making this amazing product....
It's easy on the pocket and does so much. Can't go wrong with this one. Moderately priced. Worth every penny spent. Really happy with this...
Packs a punch for its size. Love it. Really handy. Just plug the tracker it and it gets to work. Does more than what's promised....
The mobile app is quite easy to understand. Makes life so much easier. Really excited to show off the features to my friends. Can't wait....
The tracker always keeps sending me updates. It's my very own guard dog. Haha. I really like nifty features like constant updates and notifications that...
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